<IN>terview with RAZED IN BLACK

JUNE 17, 1999

>1. Are you excited about the scheduled new release ?

I am very excited about the release of RAZED IN BLACK 'SACRIFICED.' It's been over a year since a solo release from RiB. Since 'OVERFLOW' I've been busy with TRANSMUTATOR and everything else that comes with a new project. Now that most of the TRANSMUTATOR workings have been in motion, I've been spending all of my time with RAZED IN BLACK. It's been a very emotional and trying time in the process. Personally, I've been going through a lot of shit. People who really know me can understand where the lyrics from the new album comes from. It is definitely my most personal album to date, an album which took much from within me to make. Musicially, I let myself go as well. I didn't try to make an industrial album or a techno album, I just sat down and let it flow. I'm pretty happy with the results, and I hope everyone else who listens to it feels the same.

>2. I have been hearing some very interesting talk about an upcoming

>release party. Tell us all about it.

Well, the CD release party/Concert/music video shoot this past weekend was a fucking great time and a big success! We held it at an evening called the DUNGEON, which in itself is an exciting S&M/Bondage/Fetish event complete with a wooden cross, flogging stocks, cold steel crucifix, and a bunch of sexy dominatrixes to service the meek. According to the promoter, it was the biggest Dungeon they've ever had. There was a line of people that went around the block for the show. We hired pro-audio and lights who provided a un-fucking-believable sound (8-18" subwoofers, mains that shrieked through the city!). The sound was so large, we had to hire an electrician to assure proper power. The light show was spectacular as well. The guys running it new RAZED IN BLACK well enough to attack all the punches of the music. The club provided special staging and re-arranged the club to accomodate the event. Drummer, Ivan Dela Force, (a good friend of mine who flew down from Los Angeles on break from the broadway show, STOMP) kicked some serious ass. We just picked up new drum triggers the day of the show that responded so much better than the ones we've been using. Keyboardist, Ronnie Esteban, works for a popular music store here and showed up with another NORD and a bunch of other analog-ish boards. The MESA/BOOGIE guitar gear kicked! So happy the endorsement came through for RAZED IN BLACK! Overall, it was definitely one of RAZED IN BLACK's more exciting shows.

Above the stage, a popular local piercing shop (Paragon Piercing) hook-suspended two guys from the flesh on a single beam suspended by a single chain with a spin pulley. Unfortunately, one of the guys passed out during the set. We had to stop to let him down for paramedics. Though I was very concerned about the guy (he's OK), it was actually really cool and added so much to the drama of the show. The other guy later climbed up on the rafters and lit pyro-sticks to drip down at the audience while we performed. Another shop called HOLY BODY PIERCING will be performing their special take on body suspension for a scene in the next RAZED IN BLACK music video "Master." Very excited for that.

Cleopatra flew down to Hawaii to enjoy in the festivities as well. We all lost our minds that night ... that weekend. The party continued on until Monday morning. Not only are they a great record label to be a part of, but they're also such great people to hang out with and party. It was such a cool time.

>3. What are the pre-release reactions to the album so far ?

So far feedback has been very positive. Some tracks have already charted on a few playlists already. What surprises me most is that some relate closely to the lyrics. I get floored because my lyrics are very personal to me. They were written during intense moments of my life. I never thought people could be with me on certain things. I guess it just goes to show you're never alone.

>4. The new album is very nine inch nails, any comments on that ?

Nine inch nails? In what way? I've commonly received this opinion with the first album "Shrieks, Laments, and Anguished Cries" and have agreed to an extent since I was a fan of NIN and other artists who's influence crept in on that album. With this album, however, I gather most influences from the techno/breakbeat/drum&bass genre since that is what I've been consuming myself in these days. I am, however, very anxious and curious to hear NIN's new album when it is out. It's been a long while since The Downward Spiral.

>5. it‚s very hard in Europe to get a razed in black album, witch is

>probably the reason almost nobody knows you over here. Will this change

>with he new album ?

I definitely hope it changes with this album. There were licensing possibilities with Matrix Cube (which I really hoped would come through. Seba is a great person). Cleopatra may still be in negotiations with this. I truly believe a European licensing effort would make a huge difference. I understand Cleopatra has recently signed with SPV for European distribution, so maybe that will develop the awareness. Nonetheless, its efforts like Sideline Magazine, DJs, and music lovers who make it happen as well.

>6. This is definitely the album to get on tour with. Are there any

>plans for this right now ? and will you get to Europe this time ?

Currently, we're planning on a US west coast tour in April, hopefully to do a few shows with other touring acts. We'll come out again in the Summer for a more extensive tour. We've got an incredible live line up this time. After a successful release party show, we're all iching uncontrollably to play again. We're traveling to Japan sometime in June to do a few shows as TRANSMUTATOR with MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO. Management is working on adding some RAZED IN BLACK shows following licensing negotiations with Japan record labels. Doing shows in Europe has always been an aspiration of mine. Europe seems to be the mecca for electronic music! What better place for RAZED IN BLACK / TRANSMUTATOR to perform. If any promoters out there agree, let our record label know. Let's make it happen!

>7. And then there is this romell project out there : Transmutator. I

>think you definitely have to promote this project in Europe, so here is

>your forum.

>8. should we expect a new transmutator album in the near future ?

TRANSMUTATOR started in early 1997 after the composition of a track entitled "My Wonderful Friend." After initially writing the song, I realized it was too detached from the musical direction of RAZED IN BLACK, so I decided a new project was born. This track was released on the high profile compilation TRANCESPOTTING. Since then, I've received much positive response for me to continue on with this effort, an musical effort I've been wanting to develop for quite some time anyway. This track was also chosen by Hollywood Director, Miguel Delgado, for the production of a cyber-filled music video which aired on MTV "amp". Videos were also made for "Destroy" and "TakeOver" as well later. The full length debut, 'TAKEOVER' released via HYPNOTIC (USA) and BLUE DOLPHIN (JAPAN), soon followed featuring guest appearances by ASTRALASIA, UVX, and LCD. I recreated classic tracks like "A Fifth of Beethoven", updating it for the new millenium, and "Macho Man" (Village People) as a tribute to my dog and best friend, MACHO who celebrates his 17th birthday this year. I also did a TRANSMUTATOR version of RAZED IN BLACK's "Cyberium." The full vocal version may possibly show up on a compilation sometime.

I'm actually pretty stoked with the progress TRANSMUTATOR has endured so far. Through Hypnotic Records I've plowed through tons of remixes and covers of bands I've admired for a while. I also collaborated with Corey Glover of LIVING COLOR on a project called DIGI-WNI and a couple of tracks for SEGAs - SONIC ADVENTURES CD. NBC HOMICIDE picked up a few tracks for a couple of episodes. Videos have been aired on MTV 'AMP.' Been on tour with the Hypnotic Summer U.S. Tour and other West Coast shows. My last tour in Japan included promotions to launch TOSHIBA/EMI's new electronic label DEE KICKS.

The latest TRANSMUTATOR full length 'THE COLONY OF SLUTS' will be released in Japan before the US release. Reactions to the new material has been very positive as well. I gave it more of an organic edge this time. Live, I'm teaming up with Ivan (Stomp) to slam the dancefloor even more. Looking forward to the upcoming Japan trip. Hopefully Europe will be in our future as well!

>9. i heard about a few video game tracks of razed in black. How does

>something like that come to pass ?

> do you have to see the game first before knowing what track you have to

>add ...

THQ, inc. released a game designed for SONY PLAYSTATION called "VS." They included (4) RAZED IN BLACK tunes for fighting scenes. It's a pretty fun action game. From what I understand, THQ contacted Cleopatra requesting RAZED IN BLACK music for the game. Next thing I know, contracts were signed, the game was released, and there it is on the TV screen.

>10. will there be other game collaborations in the future ?

The SEGA - Sonic Adventures CD collaboration was the next thing. I teamed up once again with Corey Glover to produce RAZED IN BLACK and TRANSMUTATOR tracks for the characters "Sonic" and "Miles." The tracks came out really intense. I'm pretty excited for its release. The album will also contain submissions by Nine Inch Nails and Sister Machine Gun. I'm hoping other game projects come my way. I'm so intrigued by the gaming technology, the graphics, and the excitement. Video games have definitely come a long way.

>11. give us some final thoughts.

There will be a new movie out soon called CARRIE 2:The Rage (a sequel to the classic blockbuster, CARRIE). The soundtrack will contain a RAZED IN BLACK and TRANSMUTATOR song. A great sign for the future of the electro scene! Keep an ear out for it when you watch the movie.

'SACRIFICED' is my most recent RAZED IN BLACK effort. It's an album that is very much a part of me. CRAWL INTO MY WORLD!