Razed in Black "Sacrificed"

Making great progress since Shrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries, Romell Regulacion’s latest Razed In Black release is a vibrant outpouring of

screaming electronics and edgey guitars all against intense and seductively raging vocals. The result is a work of amazingly razor-sharp industrial.

The essential construct of Razed In Black is a thick bass foundation to support the icey clear techno and spiky guitars. The opening song, Caught is a

prime example of where Sacrificed is going to take you; to a place of violence, precision and enough sexyness to make it all dangerously alluring. Razed In

Black may not revel in variety or challenging musical explorations, true enough. This is music for the body and the emotions, the heart, not the mind. I

Worship You incorporates a fabulous choral chant sample into the silvery techno-metal and evilly enticing vocals, making it the highlight of the album. Also

included here is his cover of Metallica’s Damage Inc. which maintains the speed and heart of the original, but drives it mainly on electronics, thus making a

good, powerful piece. Lust has an impressive propulsion behind it, occasional female vocals and the adored use of a vocoder on his voice, immediately

rendering a good track!

On Shrieks, Laments And Anguished Cries, there was a great deal of NIN and KMFDM flourishes, which marred the originality lying beneath it; some of

those elements are still prevalent on Sacrificed, particularly on Nightmare, which has strong NIN overtones, yet is still clearly an original song. The only real

low point of this disc is Better Off which is far too grunge-rock influenced to be a good song, and the album would certainly be better off without it.

Most worthy of investigating, it contains much more than was expected, Sacrificed can only serve to heighten Razed In Black’s profile on the dance floor.

Razed in Black is: Romell Regulacion

Cleopatra Records

Review by Phosphor @ Electrroage

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