"industrial bible"


Hawaii's favorite son has done it again. Sacrificed is Romell's second full length album, and boy is it ever good. Perhaps not as dynamic as his first album, but still brimming with energy, Sacrificed finds Razed in Black adding more techno and breakbeat elements to his already unique electro-industrial assault. Note that I said "added", in that, unlike some other bands, the breakbeats are laced over original beats, not used as substitutes. After a short intro, Caught blasts into a high BPM frenzy with pounding percussion, agitated yet melodic synths and guitars, and Rommel's trademark voice singing about pain...but not just any pain...sexual pain. Yup, there is definitely a S&M thing going on in here, but back to the music. Master, hands down the best song on this disc, comes next with more technofied beats and a wonderful synth line. This song induces some major head bobbing and will undoubtedly populate (or should I say copulate ;) the clubs for years. I Worship You is a strange and slower tune with a very evil feel to it with whispers and noises fluttering around in addition to more danceable beats and sequences. As on the first album, Rommel uses his guitar only to accentuate, not letting it over power the electronics, making some really dynamic tunes. Another little bonus are the tracks like Guilty, a short ambient piece and Snooze which is a goofy little soundbyte of Rommel trying to sleep while his alarm clock keeps going off with his demos before he eventually destroys it! Changing direction a bit, Nightmare and Lust enter more electronica styled realms with their heavy (and I mean HEAVY) breakbeats and guitars. Better Off is an interesting hybrid of speed drum and bass industrial rock and roll, and I mean it folks, this song could be dissected into those three categories, but together forms a killer song. There is no bad song here, with the remainders having their own special forms, I've Suffered Long Enough with its slow grinding sequences and Rommel's wonderful voice, Solution with it's pounding beat and throttling chorus guitar, and Never Meant being a laid back dance piece full of melody. And lookie here, another funny outro. Definitely a must have if you want good industrial. reviewed by D. Sudia


13428 Maxella Avenue

Suite # 251

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292