REVIEW: Razed In Black - "Sacrificed"

By Marcus Pan

Razed In Black a lot of you have heard of. Over the past few years they've grown steadily more popular and have built up quite a list of past performances. And just like the Eye Kandy review I draft-wrote a few minutes ago, RIB have also just registered their domain name on the World Wide Web - So I get the thrill of reviewing two up-and-coming bands in one day - being a music reviewer gets pretty cool sometimes.

They've gathered up some cool awards, too - another hardworking band. Among them are both Best Rock Vocalist and Best Music Video for 1997 at the Hawaii Music Awards. Their sound is similar to that of the Kidney Thieves (reviewed in issue 96, March 2000) - a hybrid of metal, EBM and industrial dance. They have some movie appearances too - and little did I know that during my recent viewing of "Mystery Men" for the first time I had enjoyed a track by RIB's other project, Transmutor. You can hear them on the "The Rage: Carrie 2" also. And for the game station lovers, you'll also hear them in "Sonic Adventures Remix" for Sega DreamCast and "Vs." on the Sony Playstation.

Sacrificed is a good overall CD. It's stompy and strong pretty much throughout the CD. In a few spots they break the heaviness to give you a chance to catch your breath with some ambient-noise pieces. They strike me as radio shows, because in Snooze is the story of a guy trying to fall asleep and Guilty is a weird hybrid of spacey whines and soothing low chords and squeaks. This one could have been a bit longer I think - I liked it. RIB could have also done well to place these two breaks in the heavier music farther apart (separated only by Nightmare). Now I haven't heard their other project, Transmutor, but I am curious as to what other styles this group cross -why else would a side project be created if not to try other styles of music, yes? I think I'll ask for a Transmutator promo today.

Highlight tracks for Sacrificed are the aforementioned Nightmare, a sultry movement of sweeping electronics and heavy riff work. Other favorites of mine here are Master and Lust. All of these show RIB's excellent EBM-Metal combination. Master has a lot of bounce to it. An excellent dance floor track. Lust has a softer groove with sexily whispered vocals and just the right amount of innuendo.

And I must make mention of their kick ass, Kraftwerk-style Metallica cover of Damage, Inc. (There was a Metallica tribute group touring Jersey a few years back with that name. Obscure music fact of the day.) RIB turn Damage, Inc. into something even more powerful than the original. Vocals are superb and the background climbing keyboard effects are awesome.

Check them out for any fan of EBM, metal or industrial. Razed In Black's Sacrificed rises up to the top of my play list with my other favorites.


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