Rate (9) INFECTIOUS INDUSTRIAL: Damaged, Razed In Black’s fifth release, is an addictive collction of danceable eletro industrial that draws as much inspiration from the late 90s coldwave boom as it dows from the current futurepop movement without sounding like a derivative of either. Razed In Black mastermind Romell Regulacion brings together the best elements of EBM, techno, synthpop, and darkwave and fuses it with a contagious pop metal sensibility, as heard on the disc’s opener "Blush," the S&M themed "I’ll Damage You," and the stompy guitar driven "Why?" But it is when Razed In Black opens the door to special guest collaborators that the album takes on a new life. Soil & Eclipse’s Jay Tye lends his soaring voice to the pulsating "Leave It All Behind" giving it a smooth gothic undertone, while UK EBM outfit, Inertia injects an upbeat techno quality to the catchy "Visions." The best offering, however is "Am I 2 Blame?" where pounding rhythms, seething electronics, and driving guitar riffs perfectly come together only to be outdone by the dual vocals of Romell and Spahn Ranch’s Athan Maroulis. Included as a bonus, is a limited edition second disc filled with dancefloor remixes as well as rare videos capturing the band’s live performance. In the end, Damaged proves to be a perfect blend of a wide array of electronic and rock influences resulting in Razed In Black’s best offering to date.

~ Brian Lumauig