Razed In Black "Damaged" review

Romell's new opus is another step towards the perfect album! In Damaged, he manages to merge the angriest guitar with ultra danceable electronics and a versatile and powerful voice. Most tracks could become singles and most guests or remixes featured are valuable. Even if the comparison with NIN is sometimes unavoidable, it seems like this Hawaiian projects is doing ten times better and more inspired than its master. Damaged is the kind of album I immediately put in my all-time top ten favorites.
~ Benoit Blanchart SIDELINE MAGAZINE

Mea culpa, maxima mea culpa. Why? Because I have for year underestimated how good Razed In Black is and was. With "Damaged" he's convinced me for the full 100% of his capacities. The work delivered on this double album is just so strong that even an idiot will recognize the value. The production is excellent, both tracks and vocals are so well elaborated that I keep on asking myself how on earth I could have missed this talent. It's difficult to admit errors, but this is a major one, oh well, we'll survive.
~ Bernard Van Isacker SIDELINE MAGAZINE

Damaged is, without any shadow of doubt, the best RIB album ever. Romell Regulacion has an evident huge talent to create unmatched melodies. Then, he can add devastating guitars, pulsating dance beats and electro/trance bleeps and loops without spoiling these melodies without forgetting his entrancing voice. So Romell created 11 unforgettable pieces of industrial-trace-pop. That's not all, the second CD contains excellent remixes. A real masterpiece.

It's in a beautiful 2CD digipak packaging that Cleopatra offer us the long awaited new album by RinB. Top-notch high-tech electronic production, and overwhelming upbeat force, a mesmerizing industrial darkness and Romell's highly emotional poignant vocals. Depth and energy that makes you blush! RinB rules the American industrial scene by far~ Not owning your own copy of this album in your collection would be blasphemy to the electronic scene. Invest!

I was eagerly awaiting the new opus of RIB> "Damaged" sounds exactly like I presumed! Romell Regulacion already incorporated some devastating techno-dance elements in his latest work including some great remixes and only confirms this trend here. This is hard beating dance stuff, revealing the fusion of heavy guitar riffs and pure dance tunes! It's damned efficient while including a 2end disc with different remixes. From a higher dance level!
~ Stephane Froidcoeur SIDELINE MAGAZINE


The Hawaiian based act Razed In Black is in fact the solo project of Romell Regulacion. Dmaaged is, in my opinion, the best RIB albem ever although the previous ones were already soooooooo good. It combines pulasting rhythms, trance elements, heavy guitars, catchy and poppy melodies allied to the entrancing voice of Romell. I can't stop myself to think about Trent Reznor and the first Niine Inch Nails album "Pretty Hate Machine" but more trancy and danceable. We all know what NIN has become and I wish the same success to RIB cos he really deserves it. On this album, Romell receive help from friend, contributors and remixers: Yoshimi Shinozaki aka Gozumi for "I'll Damage You", Jay Tye (Soil & Eclipse) for "Leave It All Behind" and the remix of "Am I 2 Blame?", Reza and Alyzys of Inertia for "Visions", Neikka RPM for the remix of "Blush (Neikka RPM mix)", Haruhiko Ash (Eve Of Destiny) for the remix of "I'll Damage You (Eve Of Destiny mix), Sonic State for the remix of "Visions Of Our Past (Break Anthem mmix) and last but certainly not least: Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) for the remix of "Visions (Assemblage 23 mix)" and his incredible mobile phone melody. A real masterpeice full fo perfect songs and so masterfully intermingling various genres like trance, EBM, x-over, electronica and even breakbeat! ~