RAZED IN BLACK is available for remixes and production. Email Romell for rates and scheduling.
RAZED IN BLACK remixes for Afterchain, Aibaforcen, Ayria, Berlin, Birmingham 6, Bowowow, James Brown, Cheap Trick, Celldweller, Crüxshadows, The Damned, Digi-Wni, Diverje, Electric Hellfire Club, Emergence, Encoder, Gary Numan, Gene Loves Jezebel, Genitorturers, Harshrealm, Hypofixx, Implant, Pygmy Children, Inertia, Information Society, Internal, Jim Morrison, Matthew Grim, Missing Persons, Mnemonic, More Machine Than Man, Neikka RPM, Neotek, New Mind, Regenerator, Shunt, Soil & Eclipse, Switchblade Symphony, Sonic Adventurers, Spahn Ranch, Tina Turner, UV, Warrant